Clamor en el Barrio - Puerto Rico

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Outcry in the Barrio

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In 1995, Pedro J. Marrero-Bonilla along with his family returned to Puerto Rico with the vision to reach and capture the island for Christ providing services with direct support to the community.



  • Reach the lost, marginal and those rejected by the society, by establishing more:
  • Homes
  • Churches
  • Schools of Discipleship
  • Schools of Leadership


  • Know Jesus.
  • Have others get to know Jesus.
  • Preach the gospel to drug addicts, alcoholics, criminal, the lost and/or marginals.
  • Go and make disciples.
  • Establish homes of “Clamor en el Barrio” for all rejected by the society in each town and neighborhoods affected by drugs and crime.
  • Establish churches Victory in Christ “Victoria en Cristo” for ex-addicts, their families and community in general.

    Clamor en el Barrio - Bayamon - Puerto Rico - 00960

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